Monday, March 26, 2012

Mayhem vs Super Woman

You wake up Monday morning to find the roof leaked while you slept.   It leaked SO much that living room rug is RUINED!  You start moving furniture, still in your pajama’s, to see the extent of the damage.  And suddenly you hear the whimpering sounds of your child in her room.  You start to move your trinkets and knickknacks when the sounds of a child vomiting spring you into action.  The smell of sour slaps you in the face as you enter her room and there it is, all over her freshly washed Hello Kitty sheets!  You quickly forget about the, still dripping roof and the sopping wet rug, to clean the chunks that are SCREAMING for your attention!!  You gently pick up Miss Pukie Face and put her in the tub.  As the warm bath is filling up you quickly dart into her room to strip down her bed, tossing those stinky sheets outside.  Grabbing your cell phone you walk back into the bathroom to find that she has thrown up again inside the tub that is quickly filling up with NOW, tricolored PUKE water!  Without even thinking you swoop her out of the tub and race her to your shower and rinse her off.  You caringly dry her off as you speed dial the Pediatrician.  You are relieved to find that their next patient cancelled and they’ll see your child ASAP!  You quickly change out of your polka dotted flannel pajama bottoms and the worn “New Kids on the Block” t-shirt (don’t judge) and swipe your blush brush over your cheeks quickly.  You walk into the hallway with your little one still wrapped in her towel and find that the hallway floor is VERY WET!  YOU FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE BATH WATER!!  You rush in turn it off and INSTANTLY start to cry! 

Have any of you ever been here before?  I have!  Maybe not to this degree but boy I’ve been close!  What do you do? 

I have, in these circumstances, just let it go!  Called the doctor back asking for a later appointment, mop up the wet hallway and bathroom floor, bring out the fans, pinesol’ed the bath tub, put the sheets into the wash, called SOMEONE to check the roof and another guy to help with the floors/rug.  All while having an internal argument with my husband who not even home as if he were here to defend himself. 


Remember that under those worn pajama’s is a SUPER WOMAN!  Your cape might be torn and wrinkled.  Your hair might be uncombed and the gray might need some TLC!  But in the end you come out with flying colors!  When all is said and done, you’ve CONQUERED yet ANOTHER obstacle!  So lift your head YOU MIGHT WOMAN and CELEBRATE YOUR BRAVERY, YOUR ABILITY TO HANDLE IT ALL!  You should be PROUD of YOURSELF!  You are AMAZING!    You have SAVED THE DAY YET AGAIN!!!

Stephanie Lainez

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