Monday, May 16, 2011


I get so inspired by the 1940's!  So much class.....I mean look at this model.....she is gorgeous!
Her red lipstick reminds me of my high school years, when all I wore was red!  It's so classic!

Here are some of my favorite inspirations......

I love, love, love, 40's Blue singers!!! So much heart and soul!

because each woman should have her special unique accessories, one of kind pieces that is special just for HER!

Every women should have their own boudoir........

This picture reminds me so much of my grandmother Espy!  She was a knock out and so classy!  Timeless!

I really want one of these mirrors with the lipstick attached!!!  Some company should start making them again!

Classy, intelligent, sophisticated, timeless, unique, whimsical, genuine.....these words and so many others is what comes through my mind when I think of "Woman"

Yours Truly,
Hephzi Creations

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Maria said...

Your right on the classic old romance and glamour. Very Nice Good Luck you are so blessed and I know you will be successful. It's the beauty of it all....God Bless!