Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too Loud

Sitting in the living room and this is what’s going on?  The television is on; the laptop is open and the cell phone in on my lap.  The T.V. is blaring programming that’s trying to draw me in.   My laptop is jam packed with e-mails and junk mail that is screaming at me to open.  My cell phone light is blinking like crazy and my notifications are barking at me ALL DAY!  Facebook and Twitter are fighting for my attention.  Meanwhile my family and a table full of mail want my attention as well.  CALGONE TAKE ME AWAY!! 

Our world is SO LOUD and OVER STIMULATED that we forget how precious the silence is.  In fact as I write this the news cast is on the T.V. and my cell phone is ringing.  Why?  Why do we allow all this technology to consume our lives?  Remember how life was without cell phones, laptops, Facebook and such?  Much quieter back then wasn’t it? 

Silence brings CLARITY.  Silence allows you room to THINK.  Silence leaves you the space to LISTEN.  Silence adds FOCUS.  So if you’re looking for CLARITY, a place to THINK clearly, a space for answers to be found through LISTENING and FOCUS then you might consider turning off, logging off and shut down the technology noise. 

If you choose silence you may be surprised on how many times you go to reach for your phone, T.V. Remote, and the like!  BUT I dare you to remain in the silence.  Once the outside noise has dulled and the quiet transition has happened on the inside is when the CLARITY, THINKING, LISTENING and FOCUS can begin!

Find the silence!  It may be more valuable than the noise!

Stephanie Lainez

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