Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lately, I have been focusing on L.O.V.E!  I know that for some of us this is our nature and some of us do it so well, and I hope for the most part the same is for me too!  I have just been thinking about the other love languages other people have.  You know those love languages that maybe mean more to someone else then yourself.  I don't know about you, but for me my desire is to LOVE well!!!  Sometimes that even means loving when a person is getting on your last nerve and testing your patience.  But, what about those that have hurt you?  How many of us still love anyway?!  Deep question, I know.  But, for me I want to push beyond those barriers and love just because it's in me to be no other way...............

My husband has been on vacation for the last week and a half......and I have been non-stop on a mission to pay attention to every little detail, to the way he sits, things he does around the house, how he interacts with people, how he sleeps, you get the point........the reason is because I want to study him and know more about him, to find out more ways that I can be a blessing to his life and LOVE him more!  Certainly, being married to someone who has their own quirks, dislikes, opinions, etc. can surely test every marriage.  We just celebrated 7 years of marriage, can't believe how fast it has gone, I just want to love well...

Let's find ways where we can show L.O.V.E. and be L.O.V.E in all it's different forms and languages!!!!

Here is my favorite quote from Mother Teresa!

And remember Hephzi's to keep your heels, head and standards high! 

Tomorrow I will post about the exciting events coming up for Hephzi!

Loving You *-*

Angela Smith, Owner Hephzi Creations

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