Monday, October 31, 2011

Picture of Leticia~Winner of Hephzi Bracelet 3in1

I thought it would be special to post a picture of the winner Leticia, along with her heart-warming words about her reaction to her beautiful really just brought tears of joy to know that she had stated she never won anything in her just blesses me, isn't SHE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

"I wanted to thank you sooooooo much for the bracelet/necklace/headband (3in1) OMG i love love it. i hope i get to meet you and i hope i can go get more of your beautiful pisses soon. you are such a blessing you have such wonderful talent may god bless you thank u :) Ps. thank u again and OMG i love it sooooo much :)"

Your welcome precious Leticia!!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hephzi's Upcoming Events

I just wanted to share all Hephzi's Upcoming Events for October-December!  So excited and want all my Hephzi's to be in the know!

Villiage Venture with Nina Fleurina in Claremont, this Saturday October 22nd

Holly Day Boutique in West Covina, Nov 2-5th 

Carlsbad Village Street Faire in San Diego, Nov 6th

Sip N Shop in Claremont, Nov 11th

Thread Show in San Francisco, Nov 20th

Patchwork in Santa Ana, Nov 27th

 Bizaar Bizaar in San Francisco, Dec 3rd & 4th

Hephzi is excited for all the fun festivities and holidays coming up!!!  Note that beginning November 1st all items will be gift wrapped complimentary per request!

Good Times!!!

Love Hephzi

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hi Lovely's

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share that we have a WINNER from contest that started last week!!!  We have a winner...............AND THE WINNER IS LETICIA CARRASCO!!!! I used to are the results

Let's congratulate Hephzi Leticia Carrasco!!!!

I wish everyone could win, just know that I will have another contest next month, that will have lots of goodies!!!  Louie, Tiffany, Catherine, Laurie, Veronica, thank you so much for you beautiful comments!!!! 

Thank you to all of you that participated, it was so much fun!!  Hope you had fun as well!

Love you Lots!

Your Hephzi

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here are the rules to enter contest to win this beautiful bracelet/necklace/headband (3in1)!!!!

1.        You must be a SUBSCRIBER to my YouTube Channel, click here to join,, AND post a comment about what you LOVE about Hephzi.

2.       You must follow me on Twitter, click here to join,!/HephziCreations, AND suggest to others to follow @HephziCreations, AND post a comment about what you LOVE about Hephzi.

3.       You must follow my Blog, click here to join,, AND post a comment about what you LOVE about Hephzi.

4.       You must already have clicked the “Like” button on Facebook page and be a fan, click here,

5.       You must click “Like” on Nina Fleaurina’s, click here  to do so,

6.       You must click “Like” on Michelle Bouse Beauty Boutique, click here to do so,

Contest will end 10-14-11 Friday night at midnight Pacific Standard Time.  Winner will randomly be chosen. Winner will be announced Saturday, 10-15-11 on Facebook .  WhooHoo, let the CONTEST BEGIN!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it October ALREADY?

How did October 1st get here so quickly?  As excited I am for fall and all the celebrations and holidays that this season can bring, one more week of beach like weather would have been glorious.  As I sit here at the dining room table the clock read 7:30am, I’m in my bath robe, you can hear the roars of the TV playing Pixar’s animated movie Cars, the tea kettle is vaguely whistling in the background and all I can think of is…IT’S OCTOBER…ARE YOU SERIOUS…OCTOBER ALREADY!

Are you like me, concerned that the holidays are really just around the corner and you still have so much to do?  All those projects that you had planned to do earlier in the year are STILL not finished.  What am I talking about?  Not finished…more like not even started!!
So here’s our chance to finish the year with VICTORY!!  Make a PLAN…Set a GOAL…Determine your INTENTION!  And GET’ER DONE! 

So what are your PLANS?  What are your GOALS and how high are you setting your INTENTION?

Stephanie Lainez
Author-“Rachel and the Lion”