Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! YES, Please!

I'm not sure how you feel but I LOVE ME SOME SHOES!!!  Shoes asist in taking you to places!  Your shoes can be your best friend keeping your feet pain free as you venture the world!  I have some shoes that are special to me because the have traveled with me on journeys to New York, Amsterdam, & South Africa. So if you love shoes such as I do you might just LOVE this blog post :0)

A lady needs a ballet flat part of her outfit arsenal, to me it's just essential

Seriously, I adore Jelly Shoes, I have a pair of pink ones with a bow in front that I got from ModCloth and they are so comfortable!  I wear them all day long and have even worn them to Disneyland and by the end of the night, no feet aches at all!!!

These Blue leather shoes are so beautiful!  I am hoping to save my pennies so that I can purchase some of these soon :0)

Needless to say, every one and I mean EVERYONE needs a pair of cowboy boots!  It's just mandatory!  Plus, they NEVER go out of style

These are just beautiful, I love the leopard with the red, I could stare at them all day!  Exhale

Christian Louboutin leopard pumps, need I say more!!!  One day these will be mine!!!
These are just too cute!
These are the perfect Spring/Summer sandal, me lovey too much!

And who doesn't like sailor?!  This is another style that will never go out of style :0)

A Classic Nude Pump, yes classy & classic, it's hard to find heels like this anymore, makes me really sad!

Below the knee boot is always so beautiful, comfy and stylish

The red rain boots are simply a must have!

These are sweet!

Aqua Love

Vintage Precious

I do love me a cute wedge and these are one of them!

Thank you for coming on my Shoe Adventure! 

Hugs & Kisses,

Angela~Creator of Hephzi

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