Monday, June 25, 2012

Hephzi Featured in Artist Adjoa Skinner's Music Video Recession Song

I was honored that Hephzi Creations was featured in talented Adjoa Skinner's music video for "Recession Song" !!! Click here to hear the song, it's so lovely and happy....I hope it puts a smile on your beautiful gorgeous face!!!!!! Adjoa Skinner is such an amazing kind, humble, talented & gifted singer her cd will be out shortly, I will certainly keep you all posted :0)

It was awesome to be on set everyone and I mean EVERYONE was so kind and sugary sweet!!!  It was wonderful to see and be apart of the ins and outs of wardrobe, make up, music, dancers, singers, directors, lights, camera & action!!!

I just love how even the Angels are wearing Hephzi!!! 

♥ Hugs & Kisses, Angela~Creator 

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