Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bridal Collection

Wedding season is here!  I love going to weddings!  There was a season where I was a Maid of Honor in quit a few weddings where lots of work is required, which is awesome.  However, it's nice to just be a guest and take it all in. 

Weddings are very special, but anyone who is married knows that the real work begins right after the ceremony!  Love sometimes is a choice, even when you don't feel the ooeeewwwy goooeeyyy feeling!  It's called agape love, which is the highest form of love.....loving someone even when they don't deserve it or you just don't "feel" it, but you choose to love anyway and become a servant instead of wanting to be served!!!  Marriage is not about getting all YOUR needs met, it's about putting that #1 person before yourself. 

In our culture we hear songs with lyrics such as, "Can you pay my bills", etc.  Songs like this are soooo shallow and preach that it's "All about me".  No wonder there are so many divorces, broken homes, broken lives, with broken children!!!  Divorces hurt alot of people not just the 2 people that made the vows!  And then our culture looks up to celebrities that are just as lost!!! It's really the blind leading the blind. I personally am not impressed by celebrities to be quit honest.  They are just regular people just like you and I.  With todays culture it makes me think of the old song that says, "Baby, you lost that lovin feelin" by The Righteous Brothers, people think once that feelin is lost then I must not be in love anymore.  It's really sad!

 A wise man said that everything we do is based on love.....whether it's love for others or just love of ourselves!  For those of us that are married, let's be a blessing to our spouses, this is where we truly find fulfillment, to serve someone else besides ourselves.  And for those desiring to be married, remember it's more then what Hollywood represents, it's a sacrifice, it takes work.....naturing and watering it! Love the season your in!  So many people think, "Oh, if and when I find that person, we are gonna fall in love, and it's gonna be bliss.  Everything will be perfect and we will live happily ever after! and then I will never be lonely and all alone"  There are so many women & men that are in a marriage and still feel lonely and alone!  So the statement alone is false & a huge lie!!!  Women unrealisticly fantasize what marriage is really all about!!!  Women also think they can change a man, which is so far from the truth!  Women, here is some news, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CHANGE A MAN, you will save yourself a lot of head trips and heartache! That's my 2 cents :0)

However, weddings & marriages can be beautiful!!!! So to all the brides in the season of marriage, blessings to you!  May you have a heaven made marriage here on earth!!!!

 Here are some photos of Hephzi's Bridal Collection!  These photos were captured by wonderful photographer Sadi Lane of Canary Lane Photography!  She captures those special moments on that most beautiful day in a woman's life!  Check out her website Canary Lane Photography.

Hugs & Kisses,

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