Friday, February 24, 2012


Thinking of this word, “loneliness”, puts a bit of sadness in the core of my belly.  I have LOTS of friends and TONS of acquaintances in my life.  I have a LARGE, close knit family.  I have a hand selected group of SUPER CLOSE girlfriends that I TREASURE and could go to at ANY HOUR regarding ANY SUBJECT and know I would NEVER be judged YET. . . I too have seasons of loneliness!

Being married for just over 5 years I find myself hitting little snags and when I do hit those snags LONELINESS is there with WELCOMING ARMS!  Sounds sick doesn’t it?  But my guess is that lots of us hang out there from time to time! 
When I find myself lying in LONELINESSES arms I find that my “self-talk” is full of self-doubt, low self-esteem and insecurity.  My stay with LONELINESS is short lived.  Once out of its grasps I wonder to myself, “What in the WORLD WAS I THINKING to have ALLOWED myself to go there”! 

I really believe that I’m NOT ALONE here, no pun intended!  I believe MILLIONS of us visit with LONELINESS more often than we’d like to admit!  I don’t PREACH anti-loneliness; fore I too have over stayed my visit sitting in its company!  I fare on the side of the “CAUTION” of LONELINESS.   When choosing LONELINESS look at the CORE, the WHY, the CATALYIST of what got you there.  Once you can figure that out the rest is a whole different journey and awakening!
So in your journey remember that you are TRULY not alone!  You are LOVED, WANTED and ENJOYED!

Stephanie Lainez
Children’s Book Author

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