Monday, March 12, 2012

Hard Work

Growing up I saw my parents WORK REALLY HARD!  Being the child of migrant farm workers you can only imagine the stories!  As soon as they were old enough to work they were in the field alongside an older sibling or parent, helping.  They would work before and after school, tired and still complete their homework!  My Dad, newly married would seasonally work in the field, worked a night shift and went to school to earn a degree!  He spent countless summers helping pick on his brothers’ ranch!  I remember feeling the callouses on the palms of his hands!  And remember him saying, “Mija, this is what HARD WORK feels like”!  I can recall thinking to myself, “IF THAT’S WHAT HARD WORK FEELS LIKE THEN I NEVER WANT TO WORK HARD”!

I remembering going through junior college and holding down 4 jobs!   I remember waking up early to clean my elderly neighbors’ house, coming home to shower to hurry off to school, attend 2 classes sometimes 3.  I would then head to another neighbor’s house, clean that house and then rushing home to quickly eat before heading to the restaurant to waitress an evening shift.   On the days I didn’t have school I’d pick up a shift at the mall! 

Now years later I end up marrying a man who WORKS HARDER than anyone I’ve ever known!   I don’t think that’s a coincidence!  I’m attracted to HARD WORKERS; my Dad was a fabulous role model for that!

Looking back at those days I wonder how I ever managed to do it all!  But I will say this . . . HARD WORK is WORK but your attitude is what shifts the WORK into a WORTHWILD VENTURE!!   I was born into a family culture of WORTHWILD VENTURERS!  HARD WORK is our middle name!!  

Are you a WORTHWILD VENTURER?  ;O)  Or does your attitude keep you working hard?  (that line even gave me chills?)

Stephanie Lainez
Children's Book Author

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