Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Am Grateful

I can remember back when I was a little girl and wanting adult responsibilities.  Seeing my Dad or Mom drive the car, I wanted drive too!  Seeing my Mom put of her make-up, man, I wanted to put some on too!!  Seeing sophisticated women in the glamour magazines I wanted to put on those beautiful dresses and pose for the cameras!  I wanted to go to school and have homework!  I can remember pretending I couldn’t see very well just so I could wear glasses. 
We so often think the grass is greener on the other side.  But is it really?  Now that I’m an adult I dream of the days of no responsibilities, no bills, no mortgage, property taxes, high gas prices and I can go on and on!  LOL! 

Enjoying the season you’re in is KEY!  In this current season with bills due and dishes and laundry piling up!  I sometimes feel like no rescue or rest is in sight!  BUT if I step back and get out of my funk I am able to see something SO spectacular that it takes my breath away!  I take a breath, step back I find that I’m NOT homeless!  I don’t live cold at night wondering if I’ll make it through the night!  I have two cars in great working order!  I don’t have to worry about bus schedules and having to wait outdoors with my child just to get to the doctors or run errands.  I have clothes to wear!  I don’t have holes in my shoes.  My clothes are cleaned and pressed.  I have food to eat!  I don’t go hungry.  I have friends who love me.  I don’t worry about who I can go to in times of need! 

I may barely have enough to pay my bills.  I may not have the food that I want in my refrigerator.  I may not have designer clothes in my closet.  I may not drive the car of my dreams.  I may not have the bank account that is full and overflowing!  But I do have life!  I do have joy!  I have hope!  I have LOVE!  I have promise!  I am healthy!  I have FAMILY!  I AM RICH!!!!!!

Stephanie Lainez
Children's Book Author

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