Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is CHANGE on your LIKE list?

CHANGE is funny.  Sometimes when the CHANGE is in our favor we’re ALL about it.  We LIKE it!  We post about it on our FB page.  In our conversations around town we boast about how we enjoy CHANGE and how it’s good for us.  BUT…when it’s not in our favor we suddenly despise it.  We complain about it, we post, “CHANGE SUCKS”! 

But why does CHANGE affect us so adversely?  CHANGE rewrites our plans.  Our schedules and direction get knocked off its kilter.  So CHANGE means WE have to CHANGE, ADAPT and SHIFT!!   Sometimes having to CHANGE ourselves, rocks our world. 

CHANGE in life means we have to CHANGE! 

When CHANGE comes ADAPT, MODIFY, REFINE yourself because in the end it will only make you a better, more complete version of you!

Stephanie Lainez
Author-Rachel and the Lion

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