Monday, September 19, 2011

AOK Acts of Kindness

This morning while still half asleep I decided to open my email.  I received an email from my elderly neighbor.  He said that the other day he fell in the middle of the night and broke his foot in multiple places.  Since the fall his wife has had her hands full regarding house work and caring for him.  I was beside myself that he waited almost a week to tell me.  I popped up out of bed and started cooking pancakes, eggs, sausage and brewing coffee.  My husband and I quickly got dressed, platted the food and walked over with a piping hot breakfast for two.  His wife opened the door and was so surprised. 

How many times do we purposely do ‘Acts of Kindness’?  Are our lives so busy and jam packed with work, meetings, doctor’s appointments, errands, ballet classes, t-ball games, bible studies, church, etc… that we have lost sight of KINDNESS?  I am notorious for getting bothered with the driver who cuts me off or the lady in the 10 items or less line with a cart full of groceries.  Yet how much more energy do we expend when we CHOOSE KINDNESS over frustration, my guess is, not much more… if any. 

When was the last time someone extended ‘Acts of Kindness’ to you?  How did it make you feel?  Maybe it’s time for more of us to extend KINDNESS.  What will you do next?

Stephanie Lainez
Author-Rachel and The Lion


Brian said...

Very good reminder for us all. It ultimately is less work to do good than to "lose it w/ frustration"... Thanks for sharing

I Began in Innocence said...

Acts of kindness are deliberate. Thank you for reminding us of that...

Anonymous said...

@I Began in Innocence-You are SO right! AOK are deliberate. And if we're deliberate enough it will shift and become second nature!

Stephanie Lianez
Author-Rachel and the Lion