Friday, September 16, 2011

Coach or Referee?

Not so long ago I was having a conversation with my brother.  And he was sharing with me a situation he was having at work.  And in the midst of the situation he said, “A still small voice said…ARE YOU A COACH OR A REFEREE?”  He said he was dumbfounded.  We soon finished our conversation and that stayed with me all day!  Am I a coach or a referee?  Do I see things and encourage on how to make things better as a coach would or do I like a referee keep my eyes peeled to find the errors and faults.

So it is to you…are you a coach or a referee?

Stephanie Lainez


Brian Smith said...

Definitely a coach. The problem I have seen is that most other people automatically jump on the defensive and make the other person out to be the referee. I believe that it is our job as members of the same body to help hold each other accoutable, to help each other see the blindspots that we don't. Unfortunately it seems no one likes accountablity.

Anonymous said...

Your brother sounds like a new age prophet. great words to think about. Sounds like someone i would want to have coffee with and soak up some wisdom.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful thing when brethren dwell together in harmony. But when people are so bruised and wounded,but refuse a loved one to help heal their wounds it is heart breaking to see them walk on." Let us confess to one another that we may be healed." James 5:16

Stephanie Lainez-Author-Rachel and The Lion said...

I love all these comments!! Brian-accountablity is tough but MUST be requested before it's given. It's so easy for me to give advise or direction to a friend or family BUT I have to remember that the best advise recieved is when it's requested.

Stephanie Lainez