Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Collection Debut Look Book & Video

Have you ever thought of bringing your dreamy world into this one, a beautiful exchange expressed gift?! I found myself blushing along with my every heart beat knowing it’s what I was created for! Within this collection, feel and smell the beauty that surrounds, speaks, breaths, awaits, blossoms, arises and shines in all her glory! Women, we were created for this! Feel and see it through your senses. Each creation embodies a women’s hearts cry and it is something beautiful and tangible. It represents the sweet fragrance of hope displayed in all her glory! Collections are birthed from a vision. Visionary Laurie Graham, with New Life Productions, wears many hats including being one of Hephzi’s core visionaries. She is also my sister, best friend and confidant. Laurie is spectacular and always leaves me speechless and wanting to see and feel more of her creative works. She and I truly have one heart and we find ourselves dreaming free while blushing a few shades of the color pink!  Laurie, in all her glory envisioned masterpieces inspired by renowned photographer Annetta Bosakova her mentor. Laurie shared with me about creating a line inspired by Annetta and my spirit leaped a 100 times! I said, “YES, YES, YES.” Soon, Annetta and I divinely collided, thanks to Laurie, from then on, history was in the making! The airmail bird delivered wonderful packages addressed to me from sender Annetta. Inside packages were fabrics, textures, postcards, paintings and color swatches, including a most darling balloon in the color of a few shades pink. Creations began and flowed so lovingly.

After partaking of all the vibrant and wonderful pieces that were mailed by Annetta I found myself staring out my window, dreaming with my wakened eyes and saw white fluffy clouds, pink skies, painted rainbows, smelling the sweet fragrance of the wind.

Be captivated, Be inspired…….


Angela Smith
Click here for Look Book
& be sure to click below to watch video!!

A Special thanks to:
Models: Berkeley Kooiman, Dinah Childress, Kelsea Wrobel
Make-up: Linda Zunaby, Ally Medrano
Hair: Linda Zunaby
Director: Laurie Graham
Videography: New Life Productions
Photography: Annetta Bosakova

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