Monday, November 26, 2012

Snuggle In

This morning my little Harrison ran into my room and climbed up onto my bed.  He quickly wrestled passed the tangled blankets to get himself super close to me.  I pretended the entire time to be asleep.  Now I could feel his breath on my nose and what followed was SUPER MAGICAL!!  Whispers..."Mommy, I love you"!

Small, soft and frozen little hands cupped my still warm face.  Hands so cold that it sent a shiver down my back.  My eyes were still closed.  Harrison wiggled in EVEN CLOSER and gently kissed my lips and with those tender frozen little fingers he lifts open my eyelids and says, "Mom, I'm awake"!  (**UMM YOU THINK**)

We lingered there for at least 20 more minutes, warm and snuggled tight. 

Take some time this week to snuggle into a place of comfort, whether it's with a good book, your significant other, your spouse, your child, etc.  But spend some time snuggled in enjoying the moment before it passes you by. 

Stephanie Lainez

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