Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Coming into the last quarter of the year I tend to look back at my year to see what I have accomplished.  And as I look back I find lots that I have yet to complete and lots of things that I have given up on!  I usually spend some time targeting the reasons why I didn’t follow through on certain goals.  And 9 times out of 10 the ONLY reasons I didn’t follow through were either because I didn’t have them written down and posted up OR I allowed FEAR to stop me!!

 It’s SO easy to forget what’s not in front of your face!  And then sometimes when it’s in your face it can tend to appear too SCARY!  Well, my friend ENOUGH with the EXCUSES!  It’s time to start POSTING your goals!  Make them specific, doable yet challenging and by gosh make them CLEAR! 

This quarter my husband and I became laser focused and wrote out our goals and posted them EVERYWHERE, the bathroom mirror, car dashboard, refrigerator, etc!  Those goals that scare us we HIGHLIGHTED them and are holding each other accountable.  You might say, “Well, that’s easy for you but I’m not married and don’t have someone to hold me accountable”!  Well, to that I say, run FACE FIRST into those goals that scare you and BEAT them into the ground!  And at the end you can stomp and dance over them with triumph!!! 
I just recently joined a network marketing company that I have been interested in for years and FINALLY jumped in head 1st!  The fears I have to overcome are numerous!  And my first 4 months I allowed my fears to overtake me!  I felt like I had FAILED!  I had an opportunity to come out of the gate kicking and punching and yet I came out with my head down, doubting myself.  I chose to START OVER but this time I went to WAR and TOOK FEAR DOWN and made it work for me!!  I have squashed many of those fears head on and now looking back in retrospect, I can see that those fears were meant to stop me from uncovering my GREATNESS!  Facing them head on also showed me that those scary areas, once conquered, weren’t worth fearing WHAT-SO-EVER!!!  SOOOO face those fears head on and watch them cower in the presence of your GREATNESS!!!


Stephanie Lainez
Author/Speaker/Mommy SuperHero

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